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Nido Industries provides homeowners with customized and efficient home Interior design ideas combining functionality and aesthetics. We specialize in House interior design and home décor, ensuring that your home reflects your style and personality. We can help you find the perfect home decor and home design to suit your needs and style, whether you are looking for modern living room designs or modern space-saving interiors. As part of our service and maintenance programs, all of our products come with warranties of up to 10 years. Nido Industries is the one-stop site for all your home design needs: browse beautiful interiors, request an estimate online, and a lot more.

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Modular Kitchen Designs

Nido Manufacture many types of modular kitchens like Plywood with Laminate, Plywood with Acrylic, HDHMR with Acrylic is made in a factory and custom-designed to suit your needs and budget. Most kitchen layouts are Straight-line Kitchen, Double-line Kitchen, L-shape Kitchen, U-Shape Kitchen, etc...

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  Nido Industries is fully equipped and has expertise in making bedroom furniture, bedroom interior design, bedroom furniture sets, headboards with built-in shelves or sliding panels,  beautiful bedrooms are inspiring, and Room, Furniture, Ceiling, Interior design, Wall, Bed, Property, Bedroom  etc..         

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Living Room

Our extensive knowledge and years of experience in manufacturing wardrobes allow us to manufacture couches, sofas, armchairs,  Furniture Chair Table Room Living Room Indoors Coffee Table Lobby Interior Design and anything else you could need for your living room.     


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Restaurant Furniture

We are experienced in manufacturing restaurant tables, restaurant chairs, restaurant booths, Metal or wood bar stools, and bar height table, durable wood chairs, laminate tabletops, and More.....

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Office Cubicle

 Nido Industries provide all office cubicle furniture with high quality and premium materials. Office  furniture includes office cubicle partitions, Office Desks, Conference Tables, Workstations and More....

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Hotel & Resort Furniture

Designing and manufacturing furniture and interior for Lobby, luxury suites, hallways, conference room, bar/restaurant area, bathroom, and spa are the common areas we specialize in at Nido Industries.....

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Home Interior Designers

Our interior architectures ensure uniqueness in each project from concept to completion as you desire.

Home interior in Vijayawada

Our Engineer sketches  design plans as per client goals, sourcing products and materials, determining costs and inspecting.

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Carpenter work

NIDO  of hiring interior designer over a carpenter , Better technology, variety of options, expertise, quality.

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Manufacturing Unit
Our Nido Industries manufactures all kitchen interiors, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, interior doors, and many more modular furniture. 

Competitive Price

We strive for achieving the Best competitive Price Guarantee. We also price match with same quality projects of competitors.


We strive to achieve the gold standard in the industry. All materials we provide are of the highest quality for customer utmost satisfaction.

On-Time Delivery 

We are well versed in time management since we streamline processes and tasks. Committed project prioritization results in a completed project before the deadline.


Up to 10-Years material warranty


NIDO | Manufacturing Unit

As a cabinet maker and designer of modular kitchens, Nido Industries has a great deal of experience.  Innovative and environmentally friendly modular kitchens are our specialty. With our experience, we can design and plan interior spaces that fit your budget for a variety of projects.

Nido Industries manufactures all kitchen interiors, wardrobes, bathroom cabinets, interior doors, and many more  modular furniture . We achieve this by undertaking delivery from concept to completion.   Our expert team develops and executes the entire process in-house, from design to installation. Stylish contemporary wardrobes for all budgets.  Nido Industries   is a one-stop solution for home and office needs. If you are looking for the right closet to match your new house, we can help you.