Modular Kitchen Designs

From classic to contemporary or antique, we can create the perfect kitchen for you.

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Nido manufactures many types of modular kitchens like Plywood with Laminate, Plywood with Acrylic, HDHMR with Acrylic is made in our factory and custom-designed to suit your needs and budget in Hyderabad. Most kitchen layouts are Straight-line Kitchen, Double-line Kitchen, L-shape Kitchen, U-Shape Kitchen, etc... Nido interior castle is best modern kitchen designer in  Hyderabad. The latest modular kitchen designs are available in your budget, Modular kitchen is one that is made in our factory In Vijayawada and custom-designed to suit your needs and your budget. It has different modulates assembled together that are finished with a variety of finishes for a sleek look. NIDO Interior Castle has interior designers in Hyderabad, who have custom-designed modern kitchen interiors for customers. 

Modern Kitchen Layouts

L-Shaped Kitchen

Nido offers  polished and efficient workspace. The L-shaped  modular kitchen design layout let the appliances and cabinetry be placed along right ..

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white wooden kitchen cabinet

Parallel Kitchen

Nido offers parallel kitchen simple layout with limited space with two walls. A parallel kitchen is ideal for small homes or a small family for a single person to use the kitchen ...

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white wooden kitchen cabinet with white pendant lamp

U-Shaped Kitchen

All the hard-working homeowners know that one of the most important parts of a home is the kitchen. keeping up on kitchen trends is crucial to ensuring that..

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Straight Kitchen

Introducing straight kitchen If you are living in a 1BHK apartment, or studio apartment or small kitchen space, then straight kitchen is..

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Island Kitchen 

With an island counter, you can convert your kitchen into a multi-purpose room that can be used for cooking, dining, and even as a hall to entertain guests...

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Country style kitchen

It's time to ditch your traditional kitchen for something that feels like home. Country-style kitchens are the answer. Get ready to..     
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